Saturday, June 5, 2010


It seems that it's the season for new beginnings. As I wrap up this year at school and look forward to a summer that I hope will be restful and full of renewal, there are so many goals on my mind. I struggle to discern what should be an immediate priority and what can wait until another time. There are so many things I want to accomplish - so many things I hope to be one day. It is my prayer that I may take time to listen, and to seek out those activities that will help me to become the woman I was created to be - to allow the other things to melt into the background.

I'm quite excited to be moving with my roommate to Greensboro at the beginning of July. I am also changing grade levels next year, so I will be teaching two new preps in eighth grade. Both are indications of the new season my life is beginning.

As I dream about the days and years to come, my mind and soul are filled with possibilities. Here are a few of the things I am contemplating:

  • Train for the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon (I was doing really well with this, but haven't worked out regularly since I got bronchitis a few weeks ago)
  • Take yoga and/or pilates regularly as a physical and mental habit
  • Join a choir, take mandolin lessons, and/or get a keyboard so I can play the piano at my new apartment
  • Find a church that I can belong to in Greensboro
  • Join some other groups such as SynerG and United Way Young Leaders
  • Begin grad school with an online program in Instructional Technology
  • Attend multiple professional development workshops this summer
  • Volunteer with Greensboro Urban Ministry and/or Habitat for Humanity
  • Spend some time in professional reflection and planning for the year to come
  • Write, journal, and blog regularly
  • Find some sort of organizational system for my personal and professional life
  • Listen to more music! (Loving a mix of Sam Bush, The Avett Brothers, Carole King, Stoney LaRue, Corey Smith, and Sister Hazel at the moment)
  • Go on a date with someone other than an exboyfriend :-p
Obviously undertaking all of these activities is overwhelming. But it is my goal to pick a few to pursue rather than allowing all my ambition to be quelled by overwhelm. I welcome insights as to how to separate the worthwhile pursuits from those that can wait.


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